Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Blog Hops! (1/7 & 1/8)

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Friday, January 6, 2012

I Don't Like the "NEW" Rafflecopter!!!

1) I don't like that people can't enter our giveaways unless they have a Facebook account. (Not all people who enter giveaways have a Facebook account.) 
I guess that I was wrong about that one, sorry.

2) The Date that the Giveaway Ends isn't stated clearly anymore. All that is listed is the number of days and hours till the giveaway ends. Now I have to look at a calender and calculate the number of days until it ends.

3) Bloggers are NOT listing the Exact Date that their Giveaways end. This makes it really hard for me and it's WAY more time consuming for me to add the days until it ends and to double check them a few days before they end to make sure that my calculations were correct, which lately, they haven't been.

4) Rafflecopter doesn't list who can enter the giveaways anymore. So no one knows if they can enter a giveaways if they are from the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or if everyone Worldwide can enter.

That is the end of today's rant. I really wish that everyone would list their giveaway end dates and if the giveaway ends THAT night, or at 12:01am EST on whatever date. So maybe list the giveaway as ending 1/10 at midnight, even if it ends actually at 12:01am EST on 1/11. That would be awesome for me, and make my job way more easier. Especially if you want me to find your giveaway and add it to my Daily "Low Entry Giveaways" post.

Then if you add who is eligible to enter your giveaway, that would be awesome too! Trust me, the sponsor WANTS you to ask them this information! They honestly don't mind telling you which country (countries) that they are willing to ship the prize to!

Now if everyone would do these things, It would make my work so much easier. (I don't feel that Rafflecopter needs to know some people's FB information, but I guess that's just me?)

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight! (Friday 1/6)

3 full sets of the 1/1/12 coupon inserts (@12noon EST) - Coupon Teacher

SnapSac Tote Bundle: Pop - U.S. - Having Fun Saving *RC

6pk Qwik Shower Big Wet Wipes - U.S. - Clipping Money *RC

Case (12 bags) of Gluten-Free Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers - U.S. - Making Time For Mom

Cutey Charm Bracelet of your choice - Worldwide - Cafe Fashionista

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday Blog Hops! (1/6)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight! (Sunday 1/1)

Frosted Toast Crunch cereal Prize Pack (@6pm EST) U.S. - Grand Giveaways

Learning Resources Pizza Mania (@8pm CST) U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

McCormick Holiday Prize Pack (@8pm CST) U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Cook'n Recipe Software Version 10 ($79.95 value) - Debras Dollars *RC

Six pack of QwikShower Wipes - Debras Dollars *RC

Ten Pack Combo of this Weekend's Coupons - Having Fun Saving *RC