Tuesday, February 2, 2021

"I'll See You Around" Movie Review and Trailer! Available to Buy or Rent Today!

VOD & DVD RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, 2/2/21

Available on: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Fandango and InDemand

I'll See You Around explores a day in Lucas's life, a 30-year-old African-American man living in Ithaca, New York, who is trying to finish his degree at community college. After discovering that his older brother, Kenji, who has just been released from jail, may be responsible for stealing his laptop to buy drugs, Lucas embarks on an emotional journey to learn how to cope with betrayal and dangerous blood ties. We follow Lucas as he navigates his relationships with his mother, child’s mother, and Ivy League girlfriend while most importantly striving to be a good father to his daughter. Will he be able to reconcile with those he loves, or will his troubled past destroy his chances?

My Review and Thoughts:

Lucas lives a lot inside of his own head. He doesn't communicate too well with others. Throughout the movie though, you can tell what he's thinking about with his day to day life. His father was killed wen he was younger and his older brother is into drugs. Lucas's mother loves her boys, but she's blind to the stuff that her older son does. Lucas is a good father and he takes care of his daughter and her mother. I don't have much more to say about it then that. Lucas struggles a lot with his issues and his family.

Check out more info about the movie here: https://www.bgpics.com/movies/ill-see-you-around/

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT:  My creative vision for I’ll See You Around developed out of a collaboration with my childhood friend, Lucas Monroe, a thirty-year-old man living in Ithaca, NY, where his family fled after his father was murdered in Poughkeepsie. A few years ago, Lucas approached me about helping him write his memoir, which quickly transitioned into making a short film with him titled “While I Was Gone.” After the short’s successful festival run at LA Film Festival, Dallas International, Flickers’ Rhode Island, Denver Film Festival, and Palm Springs International ShortFest, we immediately decided to make a micro-budget feature and dove further into developing the storyline together.

Sharing his personal life felt important and brave. I discovered that Lucas’ story and his natural talent on screen were a kind of hidden magnificence. He had so much to say about his past and constantly struggled to share his feelings. I was motivated to make this film for so many reasons, but most deeply because I want to build empathy. We worked together to create a dramatic narrative that uses incidents from his real-life to convey his struggle to come to terms with his father’s murder, cope with his brother’s addiction and incarceration, and learn to accept the responsibility of fatherhood.

The film is an intimate and mysterious portrait that probes specific incidents and relationships in his real-life revealed with an improvised quality rarely seen. It became an opportunity to explore Lucas’s story, and it gave him a platform to develop as an artist and explore his psyche. We become intimately familiar with Lucas and his family in ways that challenge our notion and perception of race, family dynamics, empathy, and forgiveness. --- Daniel Fermín Pfeffer, Writer, Director

Director: Daniel Pfeffer

Writer: Lucas Monroe, Daniel Pfeffer

Producer: Alexandra Brown, Khaula Malik

Cast: Lucas Monroe, Roger Guenveur Smith, Maria Wilson, Darlene Monroe, Lazifa Gurbanova, Zanura Monroe, Kenji Monroe

Monday, February 1, 2021

Baby Done - Movie Review and Trailer! #BabyDone

My Review and Thoughts:

I really liked "Baby Done!" I thought it was hilarious at points, and kind of sad at others. All of Zoe's and Tim's friends are either pregnant, or have young children. Zoe climbs trees for a living, and she's very good at it. She's feminine, but somewhat, a tom boy too, like me! She wasn't quite ready to have children yet. She wanted to do more in her life first. This movie wasn't cheesy at all, and not predictable either.

In the end, Zoe learns that she is a great mom, and that she can still go on adventures, only she now has the bonus of taking her baby with her and Tim when they travel!

Now available to rent or purchase On Demand and Digital!

Directed by: Curtis Vowell (Fantail)

Written by: Sophie Henderson (Human Traces, Fantail)

Starring: Rose Matafeo (Horn Dog), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter, Me Before You), Emily Barclay (Baby Teeth, Sisters), Rachel House (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), Nic Sampson (Funny Girls), Madeleine Sami

Synopsis: When Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) find out they are having a baby, they resolve to not let parenthood change them. Tim runs towards being a dad, while Zoe runs away from being a mum. Terrified that her life won’t be her own anymore, Zoe is still determined to tick off a list of their wildest dreams before the baby arrives. Zoe’s increasing denial about her impending birth pushes her, and her relationship, to the limit.

I had Covid-19! Here are some things that worked for us...

First off, we have no idea where we caught it. But, it was from either going out to eat, or to Walmart. Yes, you can catch Covid from Walmart!

List of things we bought:

1) Gatorade, and lots of it

2) Pedialyte (because Gatorade doesn't work for everyone)

3) Cases of 16oz. bottled water (4-5)

4) Cool Mist Humidifiers (one for each bedroom, use in the rest of the house as needed throughout the day)

5) Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor (You will NEED this and want to keep one on hand at all times. I bought this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y2FFQB9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

6) Snacks, crackers, soup, rolls, like Hawaiian rolls, tortillas, bread, gogurt or yogurt, oranges (mandarin oranges in cans for kids, they taste the best), bananas, apples, pasta, and whatever else you need to get you through. So far, we haven't drank a lot of coffee, just gatorade, water, and juice. Laundry soap, toilet paper, and the usual stuff you will need to be home with your family for two weeks, minimum.

7) Gummy Probiotics for adults and children (for about 10 days after you have the virus)

8) Gummy Vitamins - D-3, B-12, and Vitamin C (All vitaFusion brand is what I bought, my girls love them) Also, Zinc for the adults if you can find it.  Your belly digests these way better than the pill form when you have Covid.

9) Tylenol or Motrin, and liquid children's tylenol, or motrin, 2 bottles per child, or more. You will need this on hand for fevers and headaches that just randomly spring up out of the blue for young children.

10) Mucinex for adults, children's day time and night time Mucinex for kids (1 bottle each for children)

If you run out of anything, you can go line and order groceries and meds and have them delivered, or have a neighbor or someone pick them up for you. Don't leave the house. Don't open the door when people come to deliver stuff to you. Just text them back a huge thank you, and answer the door a few minutes after they leave to grab your items.

Our symptoms started out with sneezing, coughing and being congested. At first, it felt like a head cold. Then came the aches on our necks, shoulders and arms. To me, it felt like my legs and feet were heavy. I was only achy for a few days, and then fine. Then, I had a bad belly ache. It felt like I had really bad gas for 24 hours. I thought I was going to die! But I was okay.

If you're a mom, do laundry when you can and dishes too. Every hour get up and walk around and check on everyone in your household. Check their temps and blood oxygen levels, even if they seem fine to you. Keep a notebook with everyone's readings if you can. Even if you only write them down 3 times a day, it's better than nothing.

REST and drink your water and Gatorade! I can't stress this enough. I drink a 32 oz. bottle of Gatorade everyday. My girls drink half of one, each, which seems plenty for them.

Catch up on some shows when you can. Read books. You won't feel much like playing video games, board games, etc. You most likely will want to rest the first 5-8 days, and on then on and off after that. I sleep most nights now from 9 or 10pm until 8am or later. Seems like a lot, but it's hard to nap during the day. So we sleep more at night.

Good luck if you catch it. This virus is like nothing I've ever had before! Oh, and do go get tested. Your work and children's school will most likely want to see your results.

"More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story" - Review.

My Review and Thoughts:
If you ever watched "The Karate Kid" movies, then you know who Pat Morita is! He was a great actor, but he was very troubled. After watching this, I found out he had three daughters. I also didn't know of the other movies and shows that he was in, or that he was a comedian first, before becoming an actor!

This movie is now available to rent or purchase on Demand, on February 5th, 2021.

The Oscar-nominated actor best known for his role of "Mr. Miyagi," left behind a painfully revealing autobiographical record of his much-too-brief time here on Earth, tracing his journey from being bed-bound as a boy to the bright lights and discrimination in Hollywood. Deep inside that sweet, generous, multi-talented performer seethed an army of demons, that even alcohol and drugs couldn't mask.

Featuring: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Martin Kove, Henry Winkler, James Hong, Sean Kanan, Marion Ross, Esai Morales, Tommy Chong, Don Most, Anson Williams and more. 

Run time: 89 mins. (Not rated)

Directed by: Kevin Derek

Executive Producers: Evelyn Guerrero-Morita, Greg Lai, Cindy Lai

Producers: Oscar Alvarez, Kelly Jackson

Co-Producer: Byrad Yyelland

Girl Lost - A Hollywood Story - Movie Review and Trailer.

Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story is a gripping story that reveals certain truths about the underground sex industry in Los Angeles. This powerful and riveting film was just released on Amazon Prime. The narrative reveals an up-close and personal look into the lives of two young women, one a runaway and the other a single mom as they navigate their way through the unforgiving and often brutal world of the sex trade in Los Angeles.

My Review and Thoughts:

This was a HARD movie to watch. I have two young girls, eleven and eight. And to think that whom ever I bring into their lives, could have this influence over them! I keep in touch with two girls, now, young women with their own children, whom I used to babysit. But I could never groom them the way that this woman did to these girls. It's honestly crazy that in this movie, it was all about the money. The acting in this movie was good, but, scary and sad that this really happens to young girls, single moms, and women of all ages. 

Be careful who you let into yours and your children's lives. Because you truly have no idea who they really are. I am grateful that I was twelve years old at least before I started babysitting for families. There was only one dad who creeped me out. Not long into them hiring me to watch their children, and the parents separated.

Check out this link to rent or purchase the movie on the platform of your choice: https://www.bgpics.com/movies/girl-lost-a-hollywood-story/












SYNOPSIS: Feeling invisible in the eyes of her father and his pregnant girlfriend (Dominique Swain), teenager, Hope (Moxie Owens), sparks an illicit online relationship with her former childhood babysitter, Paige (Cody Renee Cameron). Seducing Hope with ideas of becoming an actress and a model, Paige lures Hope from her small-town to the bright lights of the big city...

Los Angeles. Hopping off the bus in Hollywood, Hope is naive to what predatory danger might linger in the shadows.

While just off the beaten path, a sexy woman, Baby Girl (Psalms Salazar) walks Hollywood Boulevard soliciting potential “clients” in a desperate attempt to raise money to make her rent and feed her child after having been fired from her job as a dancer at a strip club.

The women's lives collide when Paige (Cameron) and her girlfriend, Destiny (Serena Maffucci aka Brooke Haven), both career escorts, decide to raise the stakes and act as madams. They manipulate innocent Hope into believing that working as an escort is a "right of passage" into becoming an actress. They then lure Baby Girl in with the promise of hard cash, without filling her in on the salacious details of each and every "job.”


Shot on location on the streets of Hollywood, Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story is a character study surrounding four women involved in the sex industry. The film explores the social, cultural and economic plights of these women as they struggle to survive in an unforgiving world. Far away from the perceived glamour of Beverly Hills, the film captures the darkest and most despairing elements of the city and the journey of the characters. -- Robin Bain, Writer/Director/Producer/Editor