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Daddy's Home Movie in Theaters Christmas Day! (December 25th) #DaddysHome

Check out the new trailer for DADDY’S HOME starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Linda Cardellini!

DADDY’S HOME is in-theaters December 25th!


Directed By: Sean Anders

“DADDY’S HOME” follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father (Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids.

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Saturday 11/7, Low Entry Giveaways!

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GuruNanda Essential Oils & Diffuser #Review & #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/22 #HolidayGiftGuide #movelaughbreathe

Get healthy this Fall and Winter with GuruNanda! If you are into alternative beauty and wellness, then GuruNanda is the website for you! You can learn many different Yoga poses and how to do them on their website, for Free! You can also learn how to breath and meditate! There are videos on their website to teach you today, for Free!

I learned about Oil Pulling from their website. I am a total believe in using essential oils in our home and on me and my children. Oil pulling is an effective form of traditional Ayurvedic medical technique. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India and is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda focuses on five major natural elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.

How Oil Pulling Works
When Dosha balanced pure oil is swished in the mouth, oil soluble toxins dumped in saliva adhere to the oil. According to  Kulreet Chaudhary, MD a prominent neurologist and  Ayurveda expert “the body has several mechanisms that allow it to ‘dump’ toxic particles into the salivary glands. Following  Ayurvedic tradition, oil pulling helps to increase the secretion of saliva and trap the toxins within the oil particles. With oil pulling,  the salivary glands of the mouth function as a detoxifying organ”.

The act of swishing the oil pulls the oil soluble  toxins and harmful microbes residing in the mouth from the fat cells. When practiced regularly, oil pulling can reduce inflammation. That is because as the level of toxins in the toxic fat decreases, the body withdraws water around them and reduce inflammation. Consequently, the PURE system that has become ineffective can finally function effectively again. To read more about Oil Pulling, go to

GuruNanda has affordable gifts on their website!
They also have gifts for under $25!

Make sure to check out the GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga-Go Mobile Apps. Do GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga anywhere, anytime! 

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My Review:
I fully believe in using essential oils in our home and on me and my family. We hardly get sick anymore. Before using essential oils, we were in and out of the doctor's office because someone was always getting sick. It seemed like we'd walk in with one sick child, and leave with two more sick kids with two different illnesses. I was a continuous, constant battle. I was skeptical at first. I even went to an essential oil party at a friend's house and I still wasn't a believer. We came home with a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange essential oil. It smells fantastic and it's a great mood lifter. I started using it on my sleepy kids and myself in the morning. Within a few weeks, we noticed a difference in our family. So then, I tried an oil blend for children who have problems focusing in school. Again, I didn't think that it would work. But after two weeks and speaking with his teachers, it did work! It has made a huge difference in my son's behavior and focus in school.

Now we are using Diffusers in our home, and especially one small one just for his bedroom. We now own three of them! The GuruNanda aromatherapy starter kit comes with two 100% pure essential oils: lavender and peppermint. It is very easy to use. You just remove the lid, fill it with water to the red dot, add a couple drops of essential oil, put the lid on (the lid just sits on top), plug it in, push the button and that's it! It begins diffusing immediately and the smell is amazing! Push the button once to have to have the Diffuser on constantly (it will run for about two and a half hours this way). Once it's on, push the button a second time, and it will defuse on and off from time to time for up to five hours!

The diffuser changes colors and hardly makes any noise. You can hear the motor, but it's nothing louder than a tiny fan. It's very soothing. I even use it in my bedroom as the light isn't bright and when it changes colors it doesn't seem to bother me at all. The diffuser doesn't have an automatic shut off though. So never leave it on when you leave the house. I always make sure to unplug it when I am done using it. Setting a timer in your home, if you can, or on your cell phone for 2 1/2 hours can help you to remember to turn it off or refill it for some more wonderful relaxing that this diffuser helps provide.

Purchase your GuruNanda Ultrasonic Diffuser and two bottles of essential oils gift set at your local Walmart Store! All Walmart stores should have them for sale no later than November 15th, 2015. I see myself purchasing one for my son's teacher for Christmas!

GuruNanda 100% Essential Oils with Diffuser, an aromatherapy gift set that features two different oils (calming lavender and uplifting peppermint) and an Ultrasonic Diffuser with a color-changing LED light to add to the sensory experience.

Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser Aromatherapy Gift Sets are great Gifts for:
  • Natural products and aromatherapy enthusiasts
  • Alternative beauty and wellness enthusiasts
  • A holiday party hostess gift
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Office Party Gift Exchanges
  • Teachers
  • Bosses
  • DIY spa-ers
  • The person who has everything
  • Stressed out holiday shoppers who need to wind down or re-energize
  • Stressed out Moms
  • And More!
Win It!

Enter below using the Giveaway Tools Form below for a chance to Win your own GuruNanda Ultrasonic Diffuser and Two bottles of Essential Oils (Lavender & Peppermint) (ARV $19.88 at Walmart).

Disclosure: I received an essential oils ultrasonic difusser with two bottles of essential oils in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received. Airplanes and Dragonflies nor Heather Kelly are responsible should anything happen to you, your family or friends if you purchase products from GuruNanda. We are not responsible for damaged clothing or other items in your home should you use any products from GuruNanda. Airplanes and Dragonflies and Heather Kelly (blog owner) are not responsible for any claims made on the GuruNanda website or on their product labels, boxes or inside of their books.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS New Character Posters! #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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Cast: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Max Von Sydow
Director: J.J. Abrams
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk
Executive Producers: Tommy Harper, Jason McGatlin
Screenplay by: Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt

Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again to a galaxy far, far away as Star Wars returns to the big screen with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The film stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Max Von Sydow. Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk are producing with Tommy Harper and Jason McGatlin serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt. Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases in U.S. theaters on December 18, 2015.

MomCo Mobile App. #Giveaways & Disney's "The Good Dinosaur" Movie! #GoodDino

I know that a lot of you are familiar with The MomCo mobile app which helps connect moms with other moms in their community based on proximity and commonalities for all the friendship support they need. Through the app, moms can interact with one another by sharing pictures, asking questions, and getting the support they need. Moms can also arrange playdates, keep current with events in their community, and save money through exclusive deals.

I’m also excited to now announce that MomCo has partnered with Disney/Pixar’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR (in theaters everywhere on November 25th) starting now for a giveaway!  

MomCo has come up with some great ways for all moms and kids to celebrate the upcoming movie while doing what they love…spending time with friends. There will be 3 phases and they all involve giveaways!! What will moms and kids do? Download some printables/activities from their app and website, have playdates with your friends, take pictures, and post them on social media. Simply put…have fun with your friends and children.
  • 1st Giveaway: 11/4/15-11/13/15– Celebrate MomCo and Disney/Pixar Partnership
  • 2nd Giveaway: 11/14/15-11/24/15 – Have a playdate to celebrate the upcoming release of THE GOOD DINOSAUR
  • 3rd Giveaway: 11/25/15-12/31/15 – Have a playdate to celebrate the release and Opening Weekend of THE GOOD DINOSAUR

How can you get involved and enter the giveaways?
Download the MomCo app! Go to the giveaway section and enter the Disney giveaways. Read the directions in each giveaway for more details. And make sure you are using #GoodDino hash tag!

What can you win?
You can win a gift certificate to the Disney store and loads of The Good Dinosaur stuff. Check the MomCo app for details!

You can find more information here:

"The Good Dinosaur" asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of. Directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Denise Ream (“Cars 2”), Disney•Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” opens in theaters on Nov. 25, 2015. For more information, check out, like us on Facebook,, and follow us on Twitter,, and Instagram,

Disney's "ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS" Teaser Trailer! #DisneyAlice

(In Digital 3D™, Real D 3D and IMAX® 3D)

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Cast: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Rhys Ifans with Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen
Voice Cast: Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall
Director: James Bobin
Producers: Joe Roth, Suzanne Todd and Jennifer Todd, Tim Burton
Executive Producer: John G. Scotti
Screenplay by: Linda Woolverton (pending final credit determination)
Based on characters created by: Lewis Carroll

About the Movie:
In Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” an all-new spectacular adventure featuring the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories, Alice returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. Directed by James Bobin, who brings his own unique vision to the spectacular world Tim Burton created on screen in 2010 with “Alice in Wonderland,” the film is written by Linda Woolverton based on characters created by Lewis Carroll and produced by Joe Roth, Suzanne Todd and Jennifer Todd and Tim Burton with John G. Scotti serving as executive producer. “Alice Through the Looking Glass” reunites the all-star cast from the worldwide blockbuster phenomenon, including: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter along with the voices of Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall. We are also introduced to several new characters: Zanik Hightopp (Rhys Ifans), the Mad Hatter’s father and Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen), a peculiar creature who is part human, part clock.
Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father’s footsteps and sailing the high seas. Upon her return to London, she comes across a magical looking glass and returns to the fantastical realm of Underland and her friends the White Rabbit (Sheen), Absolem (Rickman), the Cheshire Cat (Fry) and the Mad Hatter (Depp), who is not himself. The Hatter has lost his Muchness, so Mirana (Hathaway) sends Alice on a quest to borrow the Chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock which powers all time. Returning to the past, she comes across friends – and enemies – at different points in their lives, and embarks on a perilous race to save the Hatter before time runs out. Presented in Digital 3D™, Real D 3D and IMAX® 3D, Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” opens in U.S. theaters on May 27, 2016.



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ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS opens in theaters everywhere on May 27, 2016!

Disney Junior's "Goldie & the Bear" Television Premiere on Wednesday, 11/11!

Disney Junior's "Goldie & Bear," has its television premiere Wednesday, November 11 at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. The fairy-tale animated series premiered on WATCH Disney Junior in September.

In Wednesday's episode called "Too Much Jack & Jill/Tiny Tale," Goldie and Bear teach clumsy Jack and Jill (Miles Brown and Marsai Martin from "black-ish") how to fetch pails of water so that they can reopen their lemonade stand. Then, Fairy Godmother (Lesley Nicol from "Downton Abbey") casts a spell that goes awry and she unknowingly shrinks Goldie and Bear.

GOLDIE AND BEAR - "Jack & Jill/Tiny Tale" premieres Wednesday November 11 at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. Goldie and Bear try to teach clumsy Jack and Jill (voiced by Miles Brown and Marsai Martin from "black-ish") how to fetch pails of water so that they can reopen their lemonade stand. Then, Fairy Godmother (played by Lesley Nicol from "Downton Abbey") casts a spell that goes awry and she unknowingly shrinks Goldie and Bear. (Disney Junior)

Clip 1 (Jack and Jill)

GOLDIE AND BEAR - "Jack & Jill/Tiny Tale" premieres Wednesday November 11 at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. Goldie and Bear try to teach clumsy Jack and Jill (voiced by Miles Brown and Marsai Martin from "black-ish") how to fetch pails of water so that they can reopen their lemonade stand. Then, Fairy Godmother (played by Lesley Nicol from "Downton Abbey") casts a spell that goes awry and she unknowingly shrinks Goldie and Bear. (Disney Junior)

Clip 2 (Fairy Godmother)

Disney Junior will debut the first six episodes of fairytale-inspired "Goldie & Bear" on the popular WATCH Disney Junior platforms, beginning SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, with one new episode premiering on the WATCH Disney Junior app and WATCH Disney each Monday from September 21 through October 12. Set in the magical world of Fairy Tale Forest, the animated series for kids age 2-7 reunites Goldie and Bear, after the renowned porridge incident featured in "Goldilocks and The Three Bears." The series premieres on November 11 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Reflecting Disney's deep roots in storytelling that resonates across generations, "Goldie & Bear" captures the timeless appeal of sharing stories through fairy tales, folk tales and nursery rhymes. Each episode features two 11-minute stories that showcase the new, unexpected friendship between Goldie and Bear as they seek out fun and adventure along with their friends and neighbors, all of whom are drawn from beloved storybook characters. Whether it's helping the Big Bad Wolf learn to consider others before blowing down their houses, helping Jack and Jill get up that hill, or rescuing accident-prone Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, Goldie and Bear enjoy living in a fairytale world filled with real-life situations, humorous mishaps and heartfelt moments.

Beginning where the classic tales leave off, "Goldie & Bear" celebrates the distinct personalities of Goldie, Bear and their quirky pals, and encourages children to develop their own enchanting friendships. The series is populated with a diverse cast of storybook characters who model friendship, community, respect for individuality, resilience in the face of adversity and compassion for others, and is meant to spark conversations among kids and parents about the narratives and morals highlighted by Goldie and Bear's unlikely friendship and their comedic interactions in Fairy Tale Forest.

Maria Tatar, chair of Harvard University's program in Folklore and Mythology and series consultant, advising on storytelling, fairy tales and folklore, said, "When we are stumped, a story often provides the answer - not in the form of a one-liner but in a conversation about the things that mattered to us in the tale." and WATCH Disney Junior will roll out a suite of more than 20 "Goldie & Bear" micro-games throughout the fall, with the first six debuting with the series.  Housed in a storybook containing an interactive map of Fairy Tale Forest, each game centers on a classic fairy tale or nursery rhyme character.

"Goldie & Bear" stars Natalie Lander ("The Middle") as Goldie and Georgie Kidder ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars") as Bear. Recurring guest stars include Lesley Nicol ("Downton Abbey") as Fairy Godmother, Isabella Day ("Cristela") as little witch Rosita, Debby Ryan ("Jessie") as Thumbelina and Miles Brown and Marsai Martin ("black-ish") as Jack & Jill.  "Goldie & Bear" was developed for television and is co-executive produced by Jorge Aguirre ("Giants Beware!" graphic novel series); Chris Gilligan ("Frankenweenie") is executive producer and director; Joe Ansolabehere ("Recess") is story editor and Rob Cantor (from the band Tally Hall) is songwriter.

WATCH Disney Junior makes full-length episodes of popular Disney Junior shows, games and show-themed activities available to fans on their desktop, mobile and connected TV devices.  Viewers who verify with a participating pay TV service can also watch a live stream of the linear channel feed and access exclusive content.

Disney Junior reflects the emotional connection generations of consumers have to Disney storytelling and Disney characters, both classic and contemporary. It invites mom and dad to join their child in the Disney experience of magical, musical and heartfelt stories and characters, while incorporating specific learning and development themes designed for kids age 2-7. Disney Junior's series blend Disney's unparalleled storytelling and characters kids love deeply with learning, including early math, language skills, healthy eating and lifestyles, and social skills. In the U.S., Disney Junior is a daily programming block on Disney Channel and a 24-hour channel reaching over 73 million U.S. homes. In total, there are 34 Disney Junior channels in 25 languages around the world.

Disclosure: All information above, the photos and clips are from ©DISNEY JUNIOR.

Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons - Children's Book #Review & #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/22 #HolidayGiftGuide

Fluffy clouds, butterflies, furry bunnies, and life from a bug's-eye view: This stunning sequel to the New York Times bestseller Goodnight Songs celebrates the beauty and wonder of nature all year long. Once again, a treasure trove of Margaret Wise Brown's newly uncovered verses receives loving treatment from 12 award-winning artists, including Floyd Cooper, Peter Brown, David Small, Molly Idle, and Bob Staake. From a little bear singing one morning in May to a soft snowfall, mysterious, deep, and glowing, each song is magical.

An accompanying CD, with lilting songs beautifully composed and sung by Emily Gary and Tom Proutt, makes this the perfect gift for children. LIKE Goodnight Songs on Facebook.

There was a cat - a magic cat
Who was so small, so small
That he was no bigger than a pussy willow!
He used a ladybug for a pillow
And on moonlite nights
In the early spring
When the peepers peep
You would hear him sing,
On bright moonlite nights
In the soft early spring.

My Review:
I haven't had a chance to review the first Goodnight Songs book, but I really like this one. I like that when we aren't listening to the CD in the truck or in our home, we can sing the songs and read the words with the book. We love music in our home. We listen to it and dance to it as much as possible. My girls were dancing around the living room when I put on "The Song of the Tiny Cat." They love it, and so do I. I recommend this book and CD for children ages two and up, and for grown ups too! Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons book and CD would make a perfect Gift for the Holidays or for any time really!

Win It!

Enter below using the Rafflecopter form for a chance to Win a copy of "Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons" Children's Book! Giveaway is open to residents in the main 48 continental United States only. Giveaway ends on 11/22.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

Thursday 11/5, Low Entry Giveaways!

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Wednesday 11/4, Low Entry Giveaways!

COOKINA Gard Oven Protector (3 Winners) - U.S. - The Mommy Factor *RC

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Monday 11/2, Low Entry Giveaways!

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