Saturday, March 14, 2020

How Do We Live Without Bottled Water, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Infant Formula and Paper Towels?

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What people can do instead of drinking/buying bottled water, diaper wipes, diapers, paper towels, how did people deal with life before these things existed! I'm actually thinking of typing it up! Well, something similar anyways. People in OC are so Needing bottled water to make bottles for their babies, and formula. I get formula. But what did people do and feed their babies before formula was invented?!

Before bottled water, people drank tap water, or filtered water. If you're worried about your tap water or making a bottle of formula for your baby, boil the water first. You can boil a great big pot of water on your stove for one minute, and then place in into a big pitcher or container with a lid on it to keep for your baby to make formula! Also, you can use this water for your CPAP machines! You can find more information here:

If you can't purchase or find baby wipes to use for your child, then use a wet wash cloth, cut up old towels, old shirts, clearance fabrics, or reuse infant washcloths. (This is also great if you run out of toilet paper too!) Get it warm with warm water from your bathroom or kitchen, it cleans bottoms a lot easier then any baby wipe. Then rinse it under the faucet when your done if your infant pooped, and throw it into your washing machine. Wash all wash clothes used for your baby in warm or hot water with laundry soap, and bleach if you want to make sure they are super clean! Most of us aren't going anywhere! Save your baby wipes for when you leave the house! Here's a post about doing this:  She also has more information about green living, cloth diapers, and more!

If you can't find diapers in the store, consider purchasing cloth diapers! You can find these in some stores like Wal-mart, Target, and for sure, from Etsy and other online retailers and websites. Just search for them online! Wash and reuse them! Or find the old gerber diapers, diaper pins, and plastic pants! Yes, they do still sell plastic pants on amazon and at some Babies R Us stores! Wash them and reuse them, hang them up to dry! Then resell them when you're done, or use them to wash your cars! You can also reuse the plastic pants for potty training!

Here's a website on how to make your own Baby Formula: 
There are also a recipe for rice formula. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Instead of paper towels, stock up on kitchen towels! I know, you can't drain your hamburgers or bacon on a kitchen towel! But, you can use them to dry your hands, clean up messes, and more in your kitchen!

Good luck out there! I know it seems like everyone in this world has gone mad, but things should level off soon and get better! Lots of hope and prayers, as we are all in this together.