Friday, June 11, 2021

"Chasing Comets" Movie On Demand Today. #ChasingComets

A struggling Australian Football player takes a leap of faith to try to save his dream and his relationship, But living this out is a far greater challenge than he imagined, especially among teammates who won't let him give up his partying ways without a fight.

Directed by: Jason Stevens

Starring: Dan Ewing, Isabel Lucas, George Houvardas, Kat Hoyos

"Queen Bees" Movie, in Theaters Today! #QueenBees

In Theaters Today!!!

My Review: I LOVE this movie! I'd watch it again for sure! It was very heartwarming, but all so true about what could happen to our parents, and eventually, to us as we get older. We could find ourselves alone, and doing things alone. I even feel that living in a community like this is best as we get older. As we can make friends, and possibly even find love again. I also enjoyed the mean girls concept. Some older people become mean and bitter just to guard their own hearts. They don't realize that they are pushing people away when they do this. I was cool to see Helen show Janet (Jane Curtain) that she's a good person and to lighten up and live, instead of being mean and bitter towards most other people. I give this movie 5 stars!

Synopsis: While her house undergoes repairs, fiercely independent senior Helen (Academy Award®-winner Ellen Burstyn) moves into a nearby retirement community ― just temporarily. Once behind the doors of Pine Grove Senior Community, she encounters lusty widows, cutthroat bridge tournaments and a hotbed of bullying “mean girls,” the likes of which she hasn’t encountered since high school, all of which leaves her yearning for the solitude of home. But somewhere between flower arranging and water aerobics Helen discovers that it’s never too late to make new friends and perhaps even find a new love.

Genres: Comedy

Rating: PG-13

Starring: Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin, Christopher Lloyd, Loretta Devine, Elizabeth Mitchell, Matthew Barnes, French Stewart, Alec Mapa

Directed By: Michael Lembeck

Produced By: Harrison A. Powell, p.g.a., Dominique Telson, p.g.a., Fred Bernstein, p.g.a.

Executive Produced By: Rick Jackson and Claudine Marrotte