Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Morning, the power went out...

So about 8:30a.m., the power went out at our house for about 2 1/2 hours. So my husband jumps up and says, "Well, I'll go take a shower, take the trash to the dump, and then go to the Hallmark store to buy some Mother's Day cards." Ok, sure honey, and I will take care of both kids for the 2 hours that you were gone without any power in the house. So I did just that.

It was sort of like the airplane rides that we took the end of January to CA to see my parents for my mom's 55th birthday. I just came up with new things to do as soon as my 2 1/2 year old son got bored. We colored, sang and danced to music from my IPOD, thank goodness for them. I couldn't live without mine. He watched an episode of Oso from the Disney channel that I downloaded for him to have once in a while, such as the power going out. I fed him breakfast, and we played some more in his Cars tent and read some books to both kiddos. I am really glad that my 9 month old is so into crawling around and playing that to her, it doesn't matter if the power is on or not.

To me, I am happy without or without it. I have a stack of magazines to read and some books laying around that I will get to read someday. So it wasn't a big deal. I have 2 mp3 players, so listening to music is always fun, so is listening to the rain and thunder. :)

I hope that everyone who is dealing with these storms stays safe. We are under tornado watch and I am very scared. I am trying my best to be brave and I even cleaned out the closet just in case we all need to go in there. I am hoping that we won't, but living here in TN, you never know...

Yesterday's Grocery Deals

I do our grocery shopping every other week for the kids and I, and some odds and ends that my husband can't pick up at Sam's Club. So here are the deals I got:

Juicy Juice Buy One Get One Free at PUBLIX - Normally $3.65 each with the Bogo, they were $1.83 for the 1st one and $1.82 for the second one. I bought 4 of them.
4 Juicy Juice = $7.30
$2.00 off coupon on 4-64 oz. bottles, printed out from = $5.30 for 4-64. oz. bottles of Juicy Juice!!!

Walmart Deals:
1) Snuggle 40 ct. dryer sheets - $1.87, I bought 3.
Coupons from a few weeks ago for $3 off and Snuggle dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener
I made $3.39!!! Walmart took $3 off each of them! = $3.39 Money Maker!!!

2) Bertolli pasta sauce - $1.98, used $.60 off coupons and they were $1.38 each, pretty good deal for pasta sauce! It was cheaper than buying Ragu, which I am not fond of.

3) Yoplait Yogurt - $.47 each
Coupons in this past Sunday paper for $.40 off 6, making them $.40 cents each!

4) Post Shredded Wheat - $2.50 each
Coupon from inside the box for $1.00 off two = $2.00 each!

5) Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers - $8.97 each
$3.00 off coupons from Huggies, made them $5.97 each!

$2.24 for All You Magazine, loaded with coupons!!! (The cover price is normally $2.49)

Pretty great deals and I love it when I got grocery shopping with many coupons for things that we actually use!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Giveaways on other sites that I enjoy belonging to!

Here's a Giveaway for a Pair of Baby Star Jeans & Simple Shoes!

Dealectiblemommies has some awesome giveaways and she posts about great deals on other websites!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My first post, well I am not really sure to start, other than saying that I just got my daughter down for her nap and went outside to my car to put her car seat inside. She is only 18 pounds, but the pediatrician wants her in a rear facing car seat, and not an infant one.

We bought an Evenflo Triumph Advance and it worked great for our son! I adjusted everything the way it should be for rear facing and put her in it in the house and adjusted all the straps for her body. Then I went to put it in the car. It was a royal pain in my booty to strap in. I tried from the rear passenger side to put my body into the seat so that I could pull the strap tight, and it wasn't budging. I did this several times. Finally, I went over to the rear drivers side and climbed into the backseat and into the car seat itself. That still wasn't working. So I disconnected the anchors from the things that the car seat is supposed to strap onto and readjusted the seat, climbed into it, and tried again. This time, I loosened the strap and held down the strap release button. That actually seemed to help. I actually got it in there, it only took 30 minutes. Now my fingers on my right hand hurt from pulling on the car seat strap so hard. :( Oh well, such is life.

I think that we are going to have to buy another car seat for both kids, because there's no way that I am going to reinstall that thing in my little car again. That was not fun, reinstalling and uninstalling car seats every weekend, is beginning to take it's toll on this Mama.