Monday, July 21, 2014

The Girl Scouts Are Now Following Common Core! #StopCommonCore

They even have Common Core badges that your girls can earn! Yes, you heard me right! I have heard from a girl scout leader about these new badges, and I was honestly shocked that we are just now hearing about this!

This information is on the Girl Scout's website. You can look up your state, then click where is says "Search," and the standards for your state will come up.

It doesn't even matter if you live in a state like Indiana or another state that doesn't follow the Common Core standards, your local Girl Scout troop will be teaching the standards to your children. This is not ok. No one asked us if we were ok with this. Girl Scouts used to pray about things when I was younger. At least my girl scout leader did. I thought that the Girl Scouts were a Christian based group? I guess not.

I wonder how much money they were paid to start including the Common Core standards in their teachings? I can now say that it all comes down to the money.

What's next? Boy scouts? The YMCA? The Boys and Girls Club? Your Church on Sunday mornings?

Is no place sacred anymore?

I will not be signing my children up for anything that teaches my children these standards. I am also working towards homeschooling my children, so don't ask me about that. My husband isn't on board with me homeschooling them yet. I am hoping that in time, he will soon be on board, because it's what best for our children.

But I can tell you that this is what I feel that I might have to do soon. That I might have to Toughen my children up and teach them how to do things to protect themselves and their families in the future. Right now, my children watch Disney movies and cartoons. They are sheltered, for now. But I feel that it's time to end that. No more make believe in their little worlds. No more sugar coating things for them. No more magic for them, for us?

I just found this! I don't know what The Girl Scouts are thinking, other than maybe trying to market themselves more, but I think that they need to fire their PR people!

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