Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prize Candle Review! #TMMPrizeCandle

I recently had the chance to review a Prize Candle that was Lavender scented (I didn't get to choose the scent) from Taste Maker Mom. The candle was really beautiful, and the glass didn't get hot at all when I picked up the candle to move it after it had been burning for a while. I have had a candle holder break before when it got too hot from having a tea light inside of it! So I am super careful to recommend candles to anyone unless the glass that the candle is in stays cool when it's burning.

The candle itself melted nicely and evenly. It took a little bit to heat the wick because it was so small, that I had to melt the wax around it for a few minutes, then pour the wax out just to get it started. Once the candle started burning, I smelled lavender in my dining room and kitchen. The scent was strong to me. I am not a huge fan of lavender scented anything, I am usually a vanilla or sandlewood girl. So I'm not sure if this is what lavender scented candles are supposed to be so strong? I recommend not burning a lavender scented Prize Candle in an apartment or small space, unless you want your whole apartment or bedroom to really smell of lavender. Even when the candle wasn't burning, I can smell it when I am a few feet away from it.

I burned the candle down enough to receive my prize. When I got my prize out, the heat of the wax was strong enough to penetrate the plastic container that my ring was in. The ring was alright though. It didn't have any wax on it. I accidentally threw the paper away with the code on it. There was no instructions inside of the box that they candle was in as to what to do, or telling me to keep the paper with the code on it. I have never burned a candle with jewelry inside of it before. I also didn't check the website before burning it either.

A few things about Prize Candles:
  • All Candles are made of Soy
  • Designed to burn up to 40 hours
  • Contain 100% cotton vegetable dipped wicks
Overall, it's a nice soy candle. I had a friend tell me that she liked the lavender smell. So I might be more sensitive to smells then other people.

Disclosure: I received a Prize Candle from Taste Maker Mom in exchange for my review post and opinion about the candle. No other compensation was exchanged or received. The above opinions are mine and mine alone. Airplanes and Dragonflies is not responsible if you decide to purchase a Prize Candle on your own and light the candle. Airplanes and Dragonflies is also not responsible if you burn down any part of your house from using a Prize Candle in your home or if you give one as a gift to someone.


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