Friday, August 28, 2015

Sex Education in Public Schools #SexEd #StopCommonCore

If your child attends Public School and they are being taught the Common Core Standards, then they are also being taught Sex Ed! From 2nd grade through high school, your children's teachers will be teaching them ALL about sex and then some!

By the end of 2nd grade, your child will be taught about appropriate touching and non-appropriate touching and to tell a trusted adult (teacher) or parents. That part is ok. They will also learn about how to "Identify different kinds of family structures." For some Christian families and others, this probably won't go over really well. I am completely surprised that this is in our schools at all! I feel that this is something that parents should teach their kids, at home! Send me the books, I would love to go over the information with my children all together, at the same time. Kill 3 birds with one stone so to speak!

OH, and don't forget, they will learn how to "Identify healthy ways for friends to express feelings to each other!" These kids are anywhere from 6, 7 and 8 years old. Still babies.

Between 3rd and 5th grade, children will be learning to "Describe how family, friends, media, society and culture can influence ideas about body image." What exactly will they be telling our children about this? Will it only be about this or an open class discussion? Or will there be something more about it? Such as bulimia, anorexia, etc. I feel that children between ages 9 to 11 don't need to know about these things yet! As body image has to do with all of these things. Are they going to point out which children in the class are skinny and which ones are fat? That would really take it's toll on some children's self esteem, and these children haven't even entered puberty yet. But they will be talking about it in 5th grade and learning how to put a condom on a banana! I didn't learn that until 6th grade and even then, it was super uncomfortable and I refused to do it.

Make sure to read this, because this is what most schools are teaching your children! From 6th - 8th grade, why does a 6th grader need to know or even be discussing or "explaining why a person has been raped or sexually assaulted is not at fault"? Why should a 11 or 12 year old, which some 6th graders are around 12, 13 or 14 years old, be discussing rape at all? I did see that it says that they will find this out by the end of 8th grade. I knew nothing about rape until I was 18, and I didn't need to know what it meant. I guess discussing this with other children their age might discourage them from raping someone? Is that their thinking? You do know that when children rape other children, the jail time isn't much! Or their parents cover it up, like a family that has been in the media a lot for one of their now grown children molesting his little siblings when he was a teenager! He merely got a slap on the hand. Now he has two small children of his own. One of them is a little girl.

I feel that rape is personal and should be taught at home by the parents, not by the teachers. I also feel that our public schools and Common Core (I call it common crap), are taking these rights to teach our children away from us. It's especially scary to me when my seven and a half year old son needed to complete a worksheet in front of him and he tells me "Mom, only my teacher can teach me. You can't teach me." Umm...YES, I can teach him and yes I will be teaching him for the rest of his life, well, most of it anyways, until he has a wife (or husband, I hope not) who comes along to help teach him some more. I have a gay sister who has been married to her wife for a while now. But I would love to see my son have some babies of his own from his own sperm. Pray that if he is gay, that he can find someone to carry a child for him that he can raise himself that has his beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. I also pray the same thing for my girls. But I will love them no matter what, because they are my children and I will love them and support them no matter who they love.

Your children will be taught about adoption, abortion and parenting! Because us as parents aren't equipped to do so, according to this!  Oh, and yes, let's teach our teenagers that they can safely drop their new babies off at their local hospital, fire station, etc. No questions asked! Also, they should all know about the morning after pill! This is something that a doctor should tell teens on birth control, not something that should be taught to teens by their teachers!

"Describe prenatal practices that can contribute to or threaten a healthy pregnancy." Now why is this going to be taught in our schools, to our teenagers? Are they going to be telling them that having a baby at a hospital is best and that having a baby in a birthing center or with a midwife isn't ok? I don't like this!

They will also explain to your children about relationships with others and about how they should appropriately break up with someone else!  Because the teachers will be explaining to our teens about "why using tricks, threats or coercion in relationships is wrong." What? They will also discuss all kinds of sex such as vaginal, anal, oral, bondage, S & M and more! Because your children should know all about it and how to do it!

Those little quizzes, surveys and STAR tests that your children are taking in schools, your children's teachers have no idea what's on them. As the teachers aren't allowed to look at the screens. If you can't homeschool your children or put them in private school teach your children to answer questions about things wisely. I honestly don't care how my children compare to other children in the nation or how much better or worse they did on the STAR tests then other children around the world. I want to know how their individual score is. I don't compare my children to one another or to others across the universe! Why should the school be doing this?

Meaning, I have taught my children that they are not to take their clothes off in school for anyone else unless we are present. They do check children's BMI's every 2 to 3 years in school. I need to go to the school and sign something so that they won't be checking my son's eyes, teeth or his BMI this year. The school calls them "health screenings." Just say no to these! This all gets recorded in the large database with information about everything on you and your children that our government can get their hands on. My husband says they are fine. No, health screenings are not fine. I take my children to the eye doctor, family doctor, dentist, etc. They don't need the school to poke and prod them too!

I have taught them that they aren't to answer questions about guns, spanking, what we do at home, where we go, what we eat, etc. and that it's none of the school's business about any of this stuff.

All of this is making me feel as though I need to explain all of this to my children before they learn it at school. Which is most likely what will happen if they stay in public school. I really want to homeschool my children. That's where my heart is, but not my husband's, yet.

Public schools aren't all that bad. But there is very little that I like about them and the curriculum anymore. Lunch has been cut from 30 minutes, down to 25, my kids aren't eating much in school anymore. Which means that they are starving when they get home. Then after lunch, they head back to the classroom for more instruction time. Then about 45 to 30 minutes before school is over, they finally get to go outside and play, for 20 to 25 minutes, once in a blue moon, they get 30 minutes. The teachers are allowed to cut the recesses as they see fit. If they feel that the kids need more time in class to work, then there is either a short recess, or none at all.

Common Core has totally sucked the fun out of learning for the most part. My son's teacher even spoke of learning the new ways, and how she finds herself going back to the old ways, thank goodness for my son who is in second grade! But most of the older teachers are retiring, quitting or being forced to retire so that the schools can bring in these young 20-somethings who think that the Common Core standards are the best things created since the Pumpkin Spice Latte.


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