Friday, May 20, 2016

Upcycle Items You Would Normally Recycle Or Throw Away! #ChickfilAMomsDIY #Upcycle #Recycle

All to often we throw away cans, jars, plastic containers, cereal boxes, cardboard and more. But do we ever thing to Upcycle them and reuse them for a new, different purpose? I am tired of throwing away a 13 gallon trash bag of trash every day or two with items inside that could be reused. We do recycle cans, bottle, cardboard and more in our home. We have separate containers for them all and our local dump has separate containers for all of them too!

I was asked to upcycle a Chick-fil-A Salad container. I had no idea what to do. I started watching other people's ideas and saw that some people created bird feeders with them, bird baths, napkin holders, crayon holders, fairy gardens, eye-spy games, zen garden, container to put a teacher appreciation gift and more!

I thought and thought about what I wanted to do and came up with the same ideas as those above. I wanted to be able to keep and reuse this container and recycle other materials to create something. I am normally not a DIY-er or a Crafty person. It takes me a long time to come up with something. What I came up with took me 18 days, which is good for me. I even involved my two girls into helping me think of something, and they had no idea.

We created a Tic Tac Toe Travel Game! 

We took cardboard that came with a package that we were going to recycle and cut it to fit the bottom of the Chick-fil-A Salad container and cut and measured another piece to fit the top of the container to make our sign. I used double-sided tape to attach the cardboard to the bottom of the container and to the lid also. We then went around the outside of our home looking for little rocks to put X's and O's on to play Tic Tac Toe with. We found some great rocks underneath our back deck! Then I used a sharpie to put X's and O's on both sides of the rocks so that they can be used by anyone for which ever one people decide to be while playing the game.

My kids and I can play this home, take it on a road trip, to a restaurant or anywhere! It also saves tons of paper and trees! Check out my Pinterest Upcycle Board for even more Upcycle ideas!

What kind of thing(s) might you create using a salad container from Chick-fil-A? I am thinking of trying a small fruit or medium sized fruit container and seeing what we can come up with next!

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