Friday, June 17, 2016

Typing Or Writing Your Address!

When I email out information to a person that they won a giveaway on my blog, they email me back with their address, or so they think!

I get stuff like this:

Susie homes
22 s hillard ave apt78
south park ohio 56287


jim jones
7865 berry ave k
n hillsboro utah 26587

Ok, now if you want the sponsor to be able to send them their prizes. Then I have to go look up these addresses to find out if they are correct, and sometimes I have to email these people back to double check that what they emailed me, and I corrected is their actual address!

These addresses should have been written like this:

Susie Homes
22 S. Hillard Ave. Apt.78
South Park, OH 56287

Jim Jones
7865 Berry Ave.  K (or #K or Apt. K)
N. Hillsboro, UT 26587

I am thinking that either children aren't learning this in school anymore, or they aren't taking the time to figure out what their actual address is and how to correctly write or type it. I'm not really sure. It's not hard to look up state abbreviations. It's also not hard to google your own address or read your junk mail to find out how your address should be written!

Check here for state abbreviations: or Google it! You could even have one or two lessons and teach this to your children over the summer!


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