Monday, February 4, 2013

Would You Take Your Teenage Son Into The Women's Restroom With You?

There is an article on Free Range Kids about this topic. One woman had a cow because another woman took her 12 or 13 year old son into the women's restroom with her. I honestly, don't have a problem with it. I wouldn't have a problem with sharing a restroom that was co-ed with men. We are locked in stalls that usually no one else can see through anyways. What if your child has special needs? What if he is curious and crawls on the floor and peaks under the stall wall? What if he stands on the toilet he is using to peak over the side? I hate to say it, but it's not much different then what he has seen or see's at home.

I don't see why there's an issue, to be honest. I have a five and a half year old son, a three and a half year old daughter, and a seven month old. If my son wants to go into the men's restroom by himself, then I normally stand in the entrance and spy on him from watching his reflection in the mirror, or I stand at the door so I can watch him, or I stand with my foot in the door and I don't let any other grown men into the restroom until my son comes out. I haven't had any man that has had a problem with me doing this, yet. Now if a man were to be bringing his son in with him, then I would let them in. But a single guy alone in the restroom with my five and a half year old son? No thank you. They can hold it!

What are your thoughts?

What if things were opposite? At what age do you stop taking your daughter into the Men's restroom with you? I feel that maybe six, seven, or eight years old, that a little girl could go in by herself. But I would expect my husband to stand at the door and listen for her, and go in if she called him to do so. I would go into the men's restroom if my son called me. I don't care about what I would see, let alone, smell. the safety and happiness of my children is what matters. Especially if we are out of town and in California visiting family, I am usually a lot more protective over them, for sure.


  1. I would be fine if someone took a teenage boy in to the restroom. But I would have a problem if he tried to go under the stalls or sneak a peak. I fully understands if the child has special needs, if he can't go to the restroom by him self and only mom is with him. Then he just needs to go. But a fully functioning 13 year old boy. I think the mom needs a reality check to the fact that her son is almost a young adult and is capable of going to the rest room by him self. As far as a young lady going in to the mens room. I think buy the age of 4 or 5, of course depending on the child, dad should be allowed to stand by the woman's restroom and wait for his daughter. My dad did this with me and I remember numerous times a lady calling out my name saying that my dad just wanted to make sure I was alright, then I would yell back "yes thank you!". My dad never had a woman/lady have any issues checking up on me. I know I would be 100% okay if a father asked me to call out his daughters name to make sure shes okay.

    Honestly if someone brings a 12 or 13 year old boy in the restroom with her. I wouldn't think twice about it, id assume its for a good reason.

  2. The public restroom is such an interesting space and many of the rules about it are unspoken.

    I think because public bathrooms are gendered, we are uncomfortable with the idea of a man in a woman's restroom and viceversa.

    However, the way I look at it is parents have the right to keep their children with them at all times when they are out in public. In the eyes of the law, you are an adult at the age of I see no problem with bringing your child in with you, special needs or not.


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