Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Happy's Review!

Have you seen the Happy's yet? If not, you need to go get one! Your children will thank you! They are so cute and so much fun to play with! Your children don't realize it, unless you tell them, that the Happy's pet will follow them around when your children are holding the remote to their pet! We received four Happy's pets and one Happy's Ball for review. My children ages six, four, and almost two, LOVE them! They are so great for rainy days and super hot days when we can't go outside to play. So we have to get super creative with things indoors on these days, which here in Tennessee, is often.

From doing tricks for Happy Treats to racing after their Chase & Play ball, The Happy’s really play with you! Just like real puppies and kittens, they love to spin, sit, pounce and play. Appealing to boys, girls, and toddlers, kids can even train The Happy’s to do more tricks with the interactive Happy Treats. The Happy’s should be in stores now! Any Happy's pet would make a perfect birthday gift or just a nice gift for your child for summer to tell show them that you love them for doing such a great job this past school year!

We had a Happy's party at our house, unfortunately, ever time we set up a date to have friends come over, someone got sick, or many of them couldn't come because of a baseball game or something, so we had a party in our home, just my husband, children, and I. My children bought out each of their Happy's toys and let them loose for the first time. What was the funniest thing, no matter what we did, the cat, Mittens, kept ending up stealing the ball! She would get half way onto the ball, and then push it around and play keep away from the puppies! It was hilarious! We have since then shared our Happy's pets with our friends, and taken them with us on playdates to share with others! Everyone really loves them!

You can purchase The Happy's at your local Target, Wal-mart, Toys-R-Us, and other retailers near you! There are also games, printable coloring pages, and more on The Happy's website! Check it out! 

Disclosure: I received four The Happy's pets and one Happy's ball from MomSelect in exchange for my review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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