Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: A Laurie Berkner Band Christmas Album Review!

My children and I have already begun to listen to Christmas music. I want my children to have more time to memorize the Christmas songs that I grew up listening to. A Laurie Berkner Band Christmas Album contains 15 songs, three of which are NEW original songs: Santa's Coming To My House Tonight, Candy Cane Jane, and Christmas Lights! Check out the video of "Candy Cane Jane" below.

I listened to Candy Cane Jane many times with my children before seeing the video. My three year old daughter Chloe likes the video! This song reminds of me some neighbors that used to live next door to my parents, named of course, Jane and Joe. They built the house they lived in themselves with two bedrooms downstairs and an attic big enough for a room upstairs. I loved their small house. I can only imagine the memories that they had raising their children there. I don't remember how many children they had, but I remember it being somewhere over three. Jane loved Christmas! When she passed away, she left me her small artificial Christmas tree along with all of the decorations included. My sisters and I used to go to her house and play in her front yard under the big tree they had in the middle of their front yard. She used to always hand out nickels on Halloween.

Laurie says "Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have actually wanted to make this album for a long time, as so many of my memories of being a kid at Christmastime center around music! Now that I have my own family, we sing carols together every year. I still get a little thrill when I see the lights go up and we sign our first Christmas song of the season together."

Laurie also recorded a song for Hanukkah especially for fans who celebrate that holiday, "Candle Chase" is already available exclusively as a digital download on all digital providers suck as iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Laurie was the first artist to ever appear in music videos on Nick Jr., Nickelodeon's 24-hour educational, commercial-free preschool network, and is featured in nearly all of the episodes of the channel's Jack's Big Music Show. Nick Jr. recently brought back The Laurie Berkner Band videos to play inbetween their shows!

Purchase your copy of "A Laurie Berkner Band Christmas Album" today on TwoTomatoes, iTunes or Amazon! You and your children will really enjoy listening to these Christmas classics and creating new Holiday memories together.

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