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The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: The Dirty Socks Come Clean Album Review and Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 10/14



featuring special guest: LAURIE BERKNER 

My children decided that running around the house and taking their socks off and throwing them in the air was the best way to dance around to The Dirty Sock's "The Dirty Socks Come Clean" song. They were having so much fun jumping around and trying to catch their socks and throwing them back up in the air! They were laughing and giggling, and just having a great time listening to the first song and the rest of the songs on the album. The songs are all in different styles.

The song "Garbage Bugs" will make you feel as though your sitting in your beach chair on a tropical beach somewhere, watching them sing the song to you. It takes me away from everything else going on in my world, and into another place in my mind that is calming, soothing, and relaxing.

"We're In Love" is the song from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band's album that features Laurie Berkner! My children and I really enjoy listening to any music sung by Laurie Berkner and The Laurie Berkner Band too!

Press Release Information:

"The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: This band may have the perfect name for dancing feet. The group's music is a signature mix of rock, funk, hip-hop and country." -- The New York Times

"Don't let the wigs and bright clothes fool you: The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is the closest thing to arena rock that the New York kids' music scene has got." -- Time Out New York Kids

NEW YORK -- They're back! That wild Technicolor musical adventure known as The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is poised to hit the ground running with the October release of their all-new CD, The Dirty Socks Come Clean, featuring kids' music luminary Laurie Berkner as special guest.

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band burst onto the national scene when hits "Dino-Soaring," "Music Everywhere," and "No Good Reason Party" aired as music videos on Nick Jr.'s Jack's Big Music Show, demonstrating a fun, musically intelligent, and rocking side of the kids' music scene that few had experienced before. The band's high energy, thoroughly irresistible music has literally circled the globe through live performances at U.S. Navy bases in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, along with wildly acclaimed outings from coast to coast in the U.S.

The Dirty Socks Come Clean gives kids the grooves to get them dancing, the stories to keep them listening, and a host of outrageous characters, with humor that's wild and crazy but never cloying. The stunning impact of the band's energy is balanced by the cleverness of its compositions and the smartness of lyrics that offer large words and large ideas. For parents, the songs are just plain good rock music, filled with hip, witty references and absolutely superb musicality.

Inhabiting a world where anything can happen, The Dirty Socks Come Clean runs an extraordinary gamut of musical styles, from "We're in Love," a bit of laid-back 1930s swing where kids' music superstar Laurie Berkner fronts the band with a "pitch perfect" girl singer lead, to the steel pan-drenched Caribbean calypso rhythms of Soca in the humorous "Garbage Bugs," to "I'm Hungry," where Eastern European flavors of gypsy and klezmer blend in a tantalizing dish of zany wordplay. "Hold of the Sun" offers driving vocals (with a tip of the hat to The Beatles) and a hot Stratocaster-type guitar solo, while the African-flavored "Danceology" offers an even hotter horn line that sizzles with pure dance music fever. The Dirty Socks Come Clean balances these energy blasts with several tender and heartfelt ballads like "Mama's Song," co-written by Chris Barron of Spin Doctors.

Known as the highest energy kids' rock band ever to break out of NYC, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is an outgrowth of Kids Creative, a tremendously successful, non-profit rock 'n' roll peace education program for NYC kids in which, among other activities, schoolchildren write and perform original rock 'n' roll musicals. Since the establishment of Kids Creative in 2000, enthusiastic parents had been urging co-founders, brothers Stephen and Adam Jacobs, to make available to the general public the music they'd been writing for and with the kids. Notes Adam Jacobs, "We were writing music for our Kids Creative classes and distributing as many as six albums to families every year. We needed a name for the band in order to release our first album, The Search and Rescue of Genius Backpack, and Stephen came up with 'The Dirty Sock Funtime Band.' We played our first live show in March 2004, and the rest is history."

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Disclosure: I received a copy of  The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: The Dirty Socks Come Clean Album on CD in exchange for me review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


  1. Fresh Beat Band is our family's favorite kids band

  2. The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is our all-time favorite!!!

  3. The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is our all-time favorite!!!

  4. I love the kid's albums by They Might Be Giants.

  5. my son likes choo choo soul :)

  6. my daughter is saying one direction. lol


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