Monday, May 21, 2018

Hungry For Love - Romance Novel - Book Review!

About the book:
Hungry for Love follows Elizabeth, a dentist in her late thirties, who is coping with the unimaginable – her husband is in a coma, and there is little hope for recovery. Added to that, she’s dealing with a lot of other baggage: unresolved grief over her mother’s death, mixed feelings towards her stepmother, a job she hates, and a disapproving father.

As Elizabeth battles against her dissatisfaction and comes to terms with the fact that her husband may never recover, she’s hit with the unexpected. She meets – and falls in love with – another man. As she finally opens up to him and allows herself to be happy again, life takes yet another turn. Her husband wakes up from the coma, and everything is immediately thrown into chaos. She feels torn between two men she loves deeply – but does she really have to choose between them? Would it be at all possible to have both? Can Elizabeth have her cookie and eat it too, without her world falling apart in the process?

More on the author, Maya Sacher, can be found on Facebook and Goodreads.

My Review:
I couldn't put this book down! I kept finding time to read it! Elizabeth is a great character and so is her husband and this man that she meets unexpectedly! This book is well written and easy read, but not predictable at all! If your look for a few hours or days to sit down and read a book that you can't put down, this one's for you!

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Disclosure: I received one paperback copy of "Hungry For Love" from Smith Publishing in exchange for my review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received. The information under "My Review" is my own personal opinion and thoughts about the book.


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