Saturday, October 26, 2019

My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, and A Little About Me!

I wanted this year's Holiday Gift Guide to be special, and different. As I haven't done one in the past two years and I feel that I've learned a lot since then. This time last year, my family and I were on vacation in southern California with my parents and other family. Now, this year, my children and I, find ourselves living with my parents. We moved to California this year in June, and we are hoping to move out in July next year. Being here is tough. As my parents don't like it when my girls scream or raise their voices or get upset. I hide in the bedroom most of the time because the house isn't mine.

My goal is to move to another state and rent a house for a short time, maybe 6 months, so we will unpack some things, but not everything. Then, I'd like to BUY a house of my own, of our own. I want to live some place where my children and I can put down roots and be comfortable in our own home, their school, with our neighbors and with their classmates. But most of all, I want a house that is OURS where we can leave our shoes where ever we want to for the most part, within reason, and no one can say anything about it! So if I walk in the door and leave my shoes by the door, so be it! It's MY front door and I will leave my shoes where I want them! Well, let's pray that our do Lucy doesn't decide to start chewing them up, then, maybe we might have to rethink this option. But Lucy normally isn't out in the house at night where she can tear into things! So this should work, and we are hoping to find some place where we can feel comfortable and spread our wings. So maybe Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, Virginia, maybe Pennsylvania? I have no idea, but some place out that way! As I can't afford to live in California at all. Even with a full time job and child support, we'd never pay anything off and I'd always be living paycheck to paycheck. Plus, child support runs out in 11 years, then what? I'd have to find a room to rent, and pray they'll let me bring my cat! Yes, a CAT!!! I haven't had a cat since I was 24, maybe 25 years old! I want a cat darn it!

My Holiday Gift Guide will feature gifts for the family, family games, books to ready as a family, some other items too, but I'm trying to stay away from toys if I can. I want more items that bring families closer together!

So if you'd like your product(s) to be featured in my Holiday Gift Guide, please check the "2019 Holiday Gift Guide Information" Page above! Or if you know someone, please send them this page link! Thank you!


  1. Wow! I had no idea! I have lived with my parents before, and it's not easy. Bless you and you are in my prayers. I don't know how I can help, but I would like to. Just let me know. You may need something that I have won. How old are your children? I win tons of stuff for kids, and I don't have any young ones. It's okay to ask for help. Here is my email, if you'd like to keep it private. ( I AM HERE FOR YOU!

  2. I am sorry you are having so much difficulty. I am on the other end. I have my son, daughter in law, and three year old grandson living with me. They have been here since before the baby was born. I also have my retired sister living with me. I had six years alone so this has been an adjustment for all of us. I tried to make everyone feel at home and it must have worked because when I walk through the house I step on Legos and have to kick small cars and stuff out of my way.

    Do I ever get frustrated. Of course, but it is worth it to get to spend time with my grandson. Your parents are missing out on the joy having you and your children there can bring. I am sorry for your situation, but I suggest you come out of your room and, as one of three adults in the house, find a way to make this work till you can move. Respect your parents, but make a home for your children.

    If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

    PS. Enjoy California while you are there. If you are in or near a big city look for free things to do with your kids.