Friday, November 6, 2020

2020 Christmas Gift Guide: National Geographic Educational Children's Books Review and #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/29 #HolidayGiftGuide #ChristmasGiftGuide

My thirteen year old son and I were going over his homework last night, and he said that he doesn't like looking things up online, and that it takes, forever! I hope you know where this conversation went!

I explained to him that when I was in school, we didn't have computers or to look things up on. That we had to hope that our parents or neighbors had a set of encyclopedias or other books that we could use to research information. Or, we had to go to the library in our town. The school library didn't always have what we needed when it came to history papers, book reports, and more.

I tried explaining to him how easy he has it. He can just go to a search engine, like google or bing, and type in what ever he's looking for, and usually he can find it within a few seconds or so. That we had to read to find the answers. And that with a search engine, he can type in a question, and BOOM, up pops the answer he's looking for! How lucky is he!

These National Geographic books will make a great addition to every child's library this holiday season!

We also have some National Geographic books, books on animals, books for reading, and more. These have helped with all sorts of school papers and projects. Here are three reference titles that are home learning essentials, crafted by the experts at National Geographic:

Beginner’s United States Atlas, Third Edition, (ages 7-10) The fully updated edition of this popular atlas introduces young readers to the wonders of all of America's states and territories, with maps, fun facts, geographical features, and more. It’s accessible design showcases what's unique about each state and territory and every profile starts with a colorful map and essay and includes capital cities; population; important land and water features; state birds, flowers, and flags. It's all packaged in a bigger format, with a refreshed design, and bold, bright photos and illustrations.

United States Atlas Sixth Edition, (ages 8-12) Current, authoritative, and produced by the expert cartographers at National Geographic, this best-selling United States atlas is newly updated with all the latest info and is packed with maps, stats, facts, and pictures. National Geographic's world-renowned cartographers have paired up with education experts to create maps of all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Washington, D.C., that pinpoint the physical features, capitals, and other towns and cities. Discover the latest data along with colorful photography of each state and the people who live there. Key points reflect the latest information about land and water, people, and places. Essays cover each region of the country while eight specially themed maps on nature, population, economy, energy, climate, and more delve deeper into key issues. State birds and state flags add to the high visual interest.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 (ages 8-12) - The latest installment of the New York Times best-selling almanac is edutainment at its best.  With features like Homework Help and STEM related topics, and deep dives into history, geography and cultures from the world, combined with facts, crafts and activities, this is the go-to reference for both the school day and down time. This new edition also includes the Almanac Challenge 2021 — which inspires kids to reduce their plastic waste and encourage others to do the same — and also highlights the winner of the 2020 Almanac Challenge. 

All 3 of these books can be purchased on Amazon or at your local book retailer. The above links are Non-Affiliate links. As I don't believe in earning money during the holidays on affiliate links. Not this year anyway. 2020 has taken enough from all of us this year. 


Enter below using the Giveaway Tools form, for a chance to Win a copy of All 3 National Geographic Children's Books: "Beginner’s United States Atlas," "United States Atlas Sixth Edition," and a copy of "National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021!"

Disclosure: I received a copy of the 3 books listed above from a PR agency. No other compensation was exchanged or received in exchange for my review and giveaway post. The above opinions are mine, and mine alone.


  1. Yes, National Geographic books are the best. Especially love the yearly almanacs.

    1. This includes a 2021 Children's Almanac! Thank you for entering!

  2. I do not own any National Geographic books.

  3. We have some magazines but no books

  4. My granddaughters would enjoy the US Atlas for beginner's. My boys had some National Geographic books when they were little.

  5. Yes I do. I like the Weird But True books.

  6. No we don't own any National geographic books

  7. My son owns one about Ocean Animals (not sure what the correct name for it is lol).

  8. We don't own any National Geographic books, but would like to!

  9. My kids have The 10 Best of Everything National Parks.
    NG Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything.

  10. We have a few that my kids love, like the weird but true series.


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