Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday 12/28, Low Entry Giveaways! #giveaway

Chocolatier Video Game for the Nintendo DS - U.S. - gaynycdad

Annie Movie Prize (5 winners) - U.S. - gaynycdad

The Annie Movie Soundtrack - U.S. - gaynycdad

Nickelodeon’s: Heroes in Action DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Nickelodeon’s: Robot Invasion DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Appgear’s Zombie Burbz Avenue - U.S. - gaynycdad

Voice Lessons for Kids CD - Main 48 U.S. States - Kids and Deals *RC 

Fannzy Foozle Book - children's book - U.S. - The Fashionable Housewife *RC 

"Steady Days," by Jamie C. Martin; ESV Bible; 2015 Planner - U.S. - Surviving Toddlerhood *RC

Baby, It's Cold Outside - paperback book - US/CAN - In the Hammock Blog *RC 

Giveaways With Over 180 Entries, but under 500:

One Replica or One TOOB of your choice from Safari Ltd. - U.S. - Airplanes and Dragonflies *RC

Wisdomantics - Solomon's Wisdom, Interactive DVD and Board Game - U.S. - Our Village is a Little Different *RC

Mommy’s Music Angel Children’s Journal and a Wooden Tank Truck - U.S. - Susan Heim on Parenting *RC

2015 Printable Calendar (3 winners) - Worldwide - Pixel Berry Pie Designs *RC

Beginners Swing Volume 1 DVD By DanceCrazy - US/CAN - my great finds *RC

DVD Copy of Beginners Waltz by SalsaCrazy - US/CAN - my great finds *RC

Simple Treasures By Jeff Gold CD - US/CAN - my great finds *RC

Wisdomantics DVD Interactive Board Game - US/CAN - my great finds *RC

Charlie Brown Christmas Limited Editions Keepsake - U.S. - Momma Told Me *GL


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