Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday 3/20, Low Entry Giveaways! #win #giveaway

Personalized Party from Krafts by Kaleigh (@10pm CST) - U.S. - Nonperfect Parenting *GT

The Flintstones & WWE Stone Age Smackdown Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack (@11:59pm CST) - U.S. - Airplanes and Dragonflies

$5 See's Candies gift card (@11:59pm CST) - U.S. - Lille Punkin

World Read Aloud Day Prize Pack (crayons, construction paper and books) - U.S. - From Tracie

Giveaways With Over 180 Entries, but under 500:
Luxulite Sparkly Cherry Brooch - U.S. - Southern (California) Belle *RC

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Three Texture Fiber Gum - U.S. - Nesca's Nook *GL


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