Friday, September 18, 2020

"H is for Happiness" - Movie, Available Today On Demand, possibly in theaters too!

My Review and Thoughts:

I really enjoyed watching "H is for Happiness." It made me realize that family is important, no matter how big or small. And even though we might be sad for a while over the death of a family member, life goes on, and we need to live it! Candice is a beautiful, sweet, kind hearted girl whose very smart. She meets a boy in her class who helps her dad to create a new computer program idea! Candice and her friend also become friends with a stray pony they find in the forest. This movie is super adorable. It's not all sunshine and roses though. I recommend it for families with children ages ten and up, as younger children might not understand some of the movie's adult content. There's also a gentleman who owns a costume shop who dresses up as a woman. But during the movie, your children aren't going to think anything of it if you don't make it a big deal. Most children don't notice things like that, unless you point it out to them and make it awkward! Check out the trailer below.

About the movie:

Set in the colourful Australian coastal town of Albany, H IS FOR HAPPINESS is a classic feel-good film for all ages that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer with delight. Based on the award-winning book My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg, it is the genuinely heart-warming and unflinchingly honest story of one twelve-year-old’s determination to bring her family back from the brink and spark happiness in their lives. Using an entirely unique approach, Candice Phee is an unforgettable heroine whose exploits will inspire and delight anyone who has faced the trials of adolescence and the heartbreak of family tragedy.


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