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Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story - Movie Trailer and Poster! #BlackJack

In Theaters & On Demand on October 30, 2020

Story of hot-tempered and self-centered the Brooklyn native and street basketball legend Jackie Ryan. His dreams of playing professional basketball seem to have passed him by after years of hard partying and neglect. He works construction alongside his overbearing father (Arquette), and his wisecracking best friend Marty (Madio). After being spotted at the famous West 4th basketball court for his incredible talent, Ryan is invited to try-out for the New Jersey Nets and is forced to confront his inner demons, family conflicts, relationship drama, and turn his life around.

Directed by: Danny A. Abeckaser

Written by: Antonio Macia

Starring: Greg Finley, Ashley Greene, David Arquette, Robert Davi 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Iceland Is Best - Movie Review. #IcelandIsBest

My Review and Thoughts:

Iceland is Best is about a young girl named Sigga who decides that she's leaving Iceland and moving to Topanga, California. She wants to become a poetry writer. Along her journey to the airport with her three friends, they pick up a gentleman who falls for Sigga. He's been to California before and tells her that she'll just feel lost there, and that's why he moved back. She meets many other people along the way all with different things to show her and tell her. She finally does get to the airport and gets a ticket to go to California. This is an interesting movie. Does she end up with the guy who loves her? Does she finally go to California to become a poet? Or does she continue to stay living in Iceland? Is she really a poet? The music in the movie is beautiful!

STARRING: Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Kristin Sophusdottir, Tom Maden (13 Reasons Why), Atli ├ôskar Fjalarsson (Jitters), Alfrun Laufeyjardottir (Case), Mikael Kaaber (Metalhead), Helena Mattsson (Seven Psychopaths)

Sigga, a 17 year old girl living in a remote fishing village in Iceland, announces to her parents that she is going to live in California to write poetry. Why can't she live next door and write poetry there? Sigga's friends offer to drive her to the airport. On the way, they give a lift to Nikki. He has just come back from California and wants Sigga to stay. Disconcerted, Sigga goes to her first ever poetry class, then decides to go to the party Nikki has thrown in her honour. He reveals his own love of poetry and kisses her. Jack, a jealous friend, spikes Sigga's drink. At her second poetry class, Nikki reads Sigga a love poem. Feeling rejected, Nikki spitefully reads the poem out loud that Sigga has written for him at a party in a trap laid by Jack. Broken-hearted, Sigga returns home. Nikki pursues her there, then all the way to the airport where he manages to break her leg. Sigga is taken home, in despair. Only when she reads her own poem to her friends, can she at last go.

Extra Innings - Movie Review! Coming Soon to Digital and On Demand, September 22nd! #TriggerAlert #ExtraInnings

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of "Extra Innings," a beautifully written true-life story about a young man with a burning desire to follow his dream of playing baseball. This poignant film is about a family in crisis, and how honoring family or following your path, can intersect in ways that can change your life and perspective forever.

VOD & DVD Release Date: 9/22/20

Available soon on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Fandango, Xbox and On Demand

Cast: Aidan Pierce Brennan, Alex Walton, Geraldine Singer, Simone Policano, Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Mara Kassin

Director: Albert Dabah

Writer: Albert Dabah

Producers: Brian Drillinger, Jolene Mendes, Rabia Sultana

Genre: Sports, Drama, Jewish

Brooklyn, 1960s - At 12 years old, David Sabah feels trapped. The youngest of four in a traditional and devout Syrian Jewish family, his parents Esther and Eli hold him to extremely high standards, hoping to raise him into an ideal member of the New York Jewish business community. His oldest brother, Morris, diagnosed with schizophrenia, is locked away upstairs as a family secret, while his oldest sister, Vivian, was estranged long ago for her rejection of traditional Jewish values. Only his sister Rita remains in the good graces of the family, devoted to her role.

Fearful of becoming a black-sheep like Morris and Vivian, David struggles to balance his pursuit of happiness and his filial duty as tensions rise amidst his family in light of a tragic loss. David finds peace through his love of baseball. When David is offered a scholarship to play baseball for a college in California, his family couldn't be more furious. Encouraged by his sister Vivian to follow his dreams, he must decide whether carving his own future is worth cutting ties with everything he's ever known.

Based on the life story of writer and director Albert Dabah, Extra Innings is a powerfully sentimental glimpse at the true human impact of mental illness on a family, and the complex condition that guides us all, Hope.

"Trigger Alert Warning for those who have lost a loved one due to Suicide!*

My Review:
Extra Innings is a movie, true story, about a Jewish boy named David, who grew up loving playing baseball, and his family. His parents, nor his siblings, never went to any of his games. He had an older brother who was said to be mentally ill, but in reality, seemed to be autistic. When he was around twelve years old, his older brother killed himself by overdosing on medication.

When he was older, his older sister came to visit and she went to one of his games and cheered him on. It meant the world to him! During the game that his sister attended, a scout from a college team in California came to watch him and offered for him to come to California and play baseball for the next four years. At first, David movies in with his sister and her girlfriend while he's waiting for a place in the dorms to open up.

Suicide is not something anyone should ever do. As some people feel that it's the only way out. People who take their lives end up hurting their parents, siblings, friends and other family more than they realize. David overcame the loss of his siblings and continued to play baseball. I feel this is a great movie for children ages sixteen and up, depends on your children. I'd rate it at R. There are two scenes where they are they are smoking weed. Another scene where they are drinking, smoking weed, and taking acid or some other form of drug. And one scene where David's sister gets carried away and kisses her brother. I felt they could have left that part out, but, it shows how messed up his sister was before taking her own life.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Jeff Carson's NEW Single, "God Save The World" Is Available Today!

 New Single Available Today On All Digital Platforms


Country music standout Jeff Carson takes us back to the early 2000s with the re-release of his 2003 hit, “God Save The World.” This single is more relevant now than ever, igniting hope for the future in a world longing for change. “God Save The World” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms now!

"I was excited about the opportunity of recording this song. I have always loved ballads with meaningful lyrics, and this song, I believe, expresses the feelings of so many people in these trying times we’re all living in,” shares Carson.

Carson has always sought out a life of giving, whether it be through a song or serving his local community as a police officer in Franklin, Tennessee. “God Save The World” is a mere reflection of Carson’s compassionate nature towards being a vessel of solitude in times of conflict and confusion. Carson, paired with the re-release of “God Save the World” provides lasting peace of mind and desired salvation to listeners.

“Without a doubt, this song is more relatable to today’s society than when I cut it years ago,” admits Carson. “This year has been bad and I think people will appreciate its message. It just felt like the right time to re-record it.”

Stream/Buy "God Save The Word" at

For more information and to stay up to date on everything Jeff Carson visit HERE and follow his social Channels linked below.

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

More About Jeff Carson:

Jeff Carson has come full circle with careers that have allowed him to do the two things that he loves – music and police work. While singing demos on songs that turned into hits for Tracy Byrd (“Walkin’ To Jerusalem”), Tracy Lawrence (“I See it Now”), Reba McEntire (“The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”), and Tim McGraw (“I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way”), Faith Hill (“It Matters To Me”)." Singing demos turned into a lucky decision for Carson when he met record producer and publisher Chuck Howard, who cut three or four songs on him that were good enough to pitch to labels. Howard was instrumental in getting him his label deal at Curb Records, and soon a single, “Yeah Buddy,” released to radio. This was his first charting single and was followed up with ‘Not On Your Love,’ which went number one. The following single, ‘The Car,’ became a top-five hit, topping out at number two. Carson had several other singles, including “Real Life (Was Never The Same Again)” from his album “Real Life.” An album release party was planned for “Real Life” on September 11, 2001. That morning terrorists hijacked two planes to attack the Twin Towers in New York City and one that attacked the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A fourth plane was hijacked from the terrorists and crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The song made it into the Top 20 but it all changed when Carson decided to switch from music to law enforcement.

Courtney Dickinson Releases Nostalgic New Single, "See You Here"

Following two Music Row Top 40 singles, Courtney Dickinson only further builds upon her impressive catalog with her new single, “See You Here”. An emotional and mid-tempo pop-country ballad, “See You Here” seamlessly fits into any fall country playlist. Its vivid lyrics of bittersweet nostalgia and hooky, melodic chorus grab the attention of listeners of any age, and leave them with the relatable message that even after profound losses, memories have the power to transcend time and shape lives far in the future. Listen to “See You Here”, here

"'See You Here' is a song that holds a lot of meaning to me," said Dickinson. "I was blessed to have extremely close relationships with my grandparents. Last year was a big year for me as I graduated college and got married. More than anything I wished my grandparents could have been there with me physically, but I could feel and see them in every moment. These experiences led me to write this song to relate to anyone who has dealt with the loss of a close loved one."

While Dickinson may be a relative newcomer to some, she’s been making a name for herself for years, and garnering attention from some of the industries top professionals. Heath Shelby, KWCK Program Director and Music Director of Crain Media, described her as “One of the brightest rising stars in country music, Courtney Dickinson is that lightning-in-a-bottle, once-in-a-lifetime talent that reassures you that the future of country music is in very good hands.” You can follow along with Courtney on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Courtney Dickinson:
A rarity having a clear vision of her goals early in life, country artist Courtney Dickinson paved her own, unconventional path from the start. Going as far as dropping the stereotypical high school and college lifestyle. She attended online classes in order to spend more time honing her skills, it’s obvious her tenacity, work ethic and evident talent set Dickinson apart from others. From her first time on stage at five years old with the Little General Cloggers dance group at the Grand Ole Opry, Dickinson knew she was destined for the stage. Later, Dickinson entered a contest with Atlanta’s Kicks 101.5 and won a duet performance with Billy Ray Cyrus during the station’s Lunchtime Live event, singing Cyrus’ “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” for listeners. As she continued to fine-tune her sound, Dickinson tested it out with performances at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Hard Rock Battle of the Bands, the Country Music Association’s CMA Music Festival, Belk’s Southern Original Showcase, pre-show parties for Sugarland, Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy, the NCAA St. Patrick’s Day Party and the National Anthem and pre-show for the Atlanta Braves. Along with these performances she began to learn the craft of songwriting and began co-writing and recording new material. She released “So Over the Rainbow” and watched as it exploded onto the Music Row Chart. In a record number of weeks “So Over the Rainbow” climbed into the Top 40. She followed up with her 2nd single “Freedom,” which also landed in the Top 40. Dickinson has set herself up for success as she releases more new music this year. For more information visit
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